The scope brought by T20 Women’s Cricket


What is the scope brought by T20 Women’s Cricket?

As we celebrated the 2020 Women’s Day, we feel so excited and eager to know about the recent announcement of the BCCI. The report says that the Women’s T20 challenge is to be hosted by Jaipur this year. Another exciting fact is the birth of the fourth team this year and the participation of the World’s best women cricketers who are gonna spice up the game. The list already encompasses international players from England, New Zealand, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. And more world popular women cricketers are expected to land in this year’s T20. This has created reverberations, at large, as we are already heading towards our country’s cricket festival, the 2020 IPL T20 for men. Team LiveBox celebrates Women T20 which is going to be a major throwback for the budding women cricketers who are filled with fiery fervor for Cricket.


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